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Brussels: The Hidden Beauty

Brussels, among European cities, resembles a small but precious gem which is concealed by the glamorization of the other jewlery. There is even the same story about Belxiye (Belgium) among other European countries, especially the countries like France and Germany and Netherlands that are it’s surroundings. It’s beyond imagination that what an exciting city with a great diversity of attractions, is waiting for you, beforehand traveling to Brussels. Attractions suchlike history, nature, modernity, museum, animation, food and of course chocolate. This article is a type of a Brussels’s travel guide which will help you have a better planning for traveling to this city.

Brussels Travel Guide

In case you may not have any information about Brussels and Belxiye, you should know that the beautiful harbor of Brugges used to be the most important city of the region and even the most important harbor of Europe and the emerging of Brussels is indebted to the city of Brugges. However, the commercial briskness of Brugges has been decreased and the clatter of the European quarter’s and parliament’s presence in Brussels has caused less awareness of Brugges and it’s unique beauties. Although, you should know that extremely exciting and colorful attractions will be waiting for you if you get the chance to travel to Brussels. You should make sure to visit and experience all these items before leaving the city.
Grand Place
The historical and central square of Brussels is surely one of the most beautiful squares of the world. The right proportions and beautifully and uniquely architected buildings have created such a space to amaze all visitors and to make the tourists stay for longer in the square and enjoy it’s exclusive atmosphere. The architecture of the city hall and the Bread House buildings on the two longer sides of the square, alongside the smaller golden decorated buildings will reside in the visitor’s memory.
The huge and divergent structure of Atomium is a memorial for the 58th World Expo in Brussels which is made like the formation of the iron molecule crystal by 9 steel balls and as high as 120 metres. There are spaces dedicated to museums and galleries inside each of these balls and many of the modern art galleries are being held in them. The upper bowl is an exciting restaurant looking onto Brussels.
A miniature complex is located right beside Atomium in which you can see all of the important and famous buildings of Europe in smaller scales than reality. Exploring this park is like a quick visit to whole Europe in which you will be able to see all of the main attractions of the European cities in a few minutes.
Manneken Pis
It’s may be weird that one of the most original symbols of Brussels and even Belxiye is a pissing boy. The statue of this boy is standing on one of the streets near the Grand Place and his appealing story of saving the city by his urine, attracts almost every tourist to itself.
Saint-Hubert Shopping Center
The Royal gallery of St Hubert is a beautiful example of the 19th century shopping centres in Europe that was established in 1847, a year before St Petersburg mall and 30 years before Vittorio Emanuele II gallery in Milan. This shopping centre is a covert long line which is hosting some of the most luxurious chocolate shops, brands, cafes and restaurants. Two major sections of this mall are named after the king and queen and an adjunct line named after the prince is ramifined from them.
Chocolate Shops
Belxiye is the country of chocolate and many of the chocolate lovers believe that the most superior chocolates of the word can be found in Belxiye. The streets of the city are full of chocolate shops which offer handmade chocolates in a charming way and allure or every tourist to taste and take.
Chocolate Museum
If you are not satisfied by walking in the chocolate sellers’ line you can pay a visit to the chocolate museum to get familiar with some catching stories about chocolate and the way to make it, in order to fulfill your desire for chocolate.
Hergé Museum
There’s a good news for you, if you are found of the animated and nostalgic character of Tin Tin. The Tin Tin (Hergé) museum is in Brussels and this animated characters fans travel to Brussels every month to visit it’s museum, you will see some beautiful comic strips of this memorable character in this museum.
You won’t need to worry, even if you don’t have enough time to visit the Hergé museum to see Tin Tin. Because you will find some walls all around the historical area of the city with comic strips being exhibited on them and to demonstrate Tin Tin for the visitors. These graffitis are so numerous that there is an exclusive tour in Brussels for them.
French Fries
According to it’s name, the best French Fries should logically be found in France but it should be interesting to know that one of the most superior french fries of the world can be tried in Brussels. There are some shops on the streets of Brussels that only sell french fries and there are long queues in front of them many times.
Waffle is a kind of bread or sweet with square shaped sockets on it which has many fans in Europe or even in the world. This bread is originated in Belxiye and it’s served in different styles and with different options. Since Belxiye is the country of chocolate, one of the most famous types of waffle comes with it. However, there are also some other options like fresh fruits, honey, syrup, caramel, ice cream, etc to be presented with waffle.
European Union and Parliament
There is no doubt that the current position of Brussels in Europe is widely affected by the presence of the European union headquarters and the European parliament in this city. The presence of these two international institutions has made the atmosphere of this city – composed of the architecture, culture, food, lifestyle, language and even traffic- impressed by it and the people who work there. Brussels has turned to a multinational city, due to the presence of these two organisations and of course various international companies. It will be remarkable to visit the buildings of these two institutions.
Sablon Square
Sablon square is another one of the notable squares in Brussels where was a shooting range centuries ago. Nowdays, this square is surrounded by shops and galleries on three sides and the franchises of some of the most vintage and superior Belxian chocolate shops can be found here. There are also some extremely beautiful galleries around this square which sell appealing artworks. One of the most beautiful churches of Brussels is located on the 4th side of this square and there are some chapels from two German families inside it who were the inventors of mail and taxi.
There’s a huge park and greenbelt in the commercial part of Brussels which is one of the attractions of the city. This park, which is also known as “Jubel Park”, has got some cardinal landmarks inside. A great Gate which is located on one side of this park and is perfectly similar to the famed gate of Berlin, is one of these attractions. Military museum, car museum, water views and enormous fountains are the other attractions in Cinquantenaire and spectacular choices for every tourist.
Auto World
One of the most magnetic attractions of Brussels is a museum with varied types of vintage, classic and race cars being exhibited. This museum is a paradise for the car fans and auto geeks where some examples of reminiscence and classic cars are being demonstrated in a greatly wide area. This museum is 30 years old and it’s slogan is “Beyond A Museum”.
Judiciary Palace
There’s an extremely huge building constructed on one of the multiple heels of Brussels that you have to go dozens of metres away from it to take it’s photo. This building has got an eccentric architecture and there isn’t any specific style to be recognised for it. As we can conclude from its name, this is the judiciary building of Belxiye and it’s the centre of a quarter full of lawyers’ and natary public offices. Although this is a departmental building, many of The tourists plan to see the outside of it.
Saint-Michel Cathedral
Saint-Michel cathedral is the most significant one in Brussels which is also called st. Gudula. The history of this cathedral indicates that the passengers travelling to Bruges in the 9th century, constructed a chapel on this location where the early cathedral was built in the 11th century. However, the current one is for the early 16th century. This cathedral has got gothic architecture and rose windows with colourful glasses have been used in it alike the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.
Stock Exchange Building
The beautiful and vintage building of the Brussels’ stock exchange was built in 1801 by the Napoleon’s order which is known as the stock exchange building in Brussels. This building which is highly similar to the old stock exchange building of Paris, has been merged with the stock exchanges of Paris, Lisbon and Amsterdam since 2000 to shape the first European international trade centre, named “Euronext Brussels”. You will never assume this building as a trade centre, while you look at it from the outside. Opposite of this building is one of the gathering points for the social demonstrations.
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