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‘If you are a Barcelona journeyer “the article, strives to characterize a general mentality to assist the travellers bounding for Barcelona. Videlicet, this subject can be recognized as a type of travel guide for Barcelona which reposes practical facts of the city, the attractions, the purlieus, the meals, the characters and the must and mustn’t s. So read the “If You Are a Barcelona Journeyer“, if you are.


The rendezvous with Barcelona is like watching the spurt of a fountain of winning colors, like hearing a great piquant of music and like imbibing a tumbler of delicious and cool sherbet in a summer afternoon. Barcelona is the marvel of the Mediterranean.

Barcelona Travel Guide

Anthony Gaudy

You should get acquainted with Gaudy foremost. Anthony Gaudy, the genius architect whose name is ingrained with the name of Barcelona and Barcelona without Gaudy is like Isfahan without the Zayanderud, Shiraz without Hafiz and Saadi and Istanbul without mosque.

Barcelona’s Neighborhoods

Barcelona is divided into several precincts. The most consequential touristic parts of Barcelona comprise Gotico, El Raval, Barceloneta, Eixample, El Born and Poble Sec localities that the most important touristic attractions of the city are in the same tracts.

Famous Plazas

Plazas perform a decisive role in Barcelona ( and in Spain in general ). Catalonia plaza ( Placa de Catauna ) is the beating heart of the city and the initiation point of many the key streets and attractions of the city. Spain plaza ( Plaça d’Espanya ) is another one of these plazas in another point of the city. Christopher Columbus memorial plaza ( Plaza Portal De la Pau ), Universidad plaza, Catalanes fames plaza ( glories Catalanes ) and etc are other instances of this item.

Shopping Area

An assortment of the Barcelonian streets are famed as shopping environs. These streets are the best locations to walk and luxuriate from architecture and urban spaces and shopping, simultaneously. The paramount streets in this case are La Rambla, passeig the Gràcia, Diagonal and some other streets in their surroundings.

La Rambla

La Rambla is the most famous street in Barcelona, the most famous street in Spain and one of the most famous ones in Europe. A street in the boundary of Catalonia plaza and plaza portal de la pau ( Christopher Columbus memorial plaza ) that the experience of strolling in it is one of the most memorable sections of traveling to Barcelona. Pavement is in the middle of this street and it’s plenty wide and tall trees stand on the both sides. Car lanes are also designed on the both sides of the pavement narrowly, with enough breadth for just one car to traverse. Living status ( people who wear costumes and stand like a statue ), street painters, Kiosks and hawkers, restaurants and cafes, souvenir shops, confectioneries, theaters and Flamingo performance halls, museums and in short, numerous sights exist in this street.


Tapas is a well known name in Spain. Instead of ordering a full portion of one food, Tapas enables you to try smaller size of meals. Videlicet, Tapas contains smaller portion of main courses, appetizers and refreshments which is solely offered by some restaurants in Spain and Barcelona. Tapas sign is visible on the portals and menus of some restaurants in Barcelona.

Gaudi’s Works

There are many artworks from Gaudy in Spain and it’s concentration is on Barcelona. If you are partial to this architect’s works, I suggest you to not miss visiting ten works of art including Casa Vicens, La Pedrera, Parc Güell, Palau Güell, Güell Colonia, El Dark De Gaudy at Finca Güell, Casa Batlló, Casa Calvet, La Sagrada Familia and Cascada Fountain at Park de La Ciutadella which pertain the best works of Gaudy in Barcelona. A number of these structures are globally registered and considered as the world heritage. However, if you don’t have the time to explore all of them, La Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, La Padrera and also Casa Batlló are the most cardinal momentous of Gaudy that you can not leave Barcelona without visiting them and you can penetrate a part of his ingenuity by visiting it.

Barcelona Beach

Barcelona has one proverbial beach yet. So it’s not too abstruse to locate the beach and go there. Two lofty towers near the beach are the best signs to find the famous beach of Barcelona.

Barcelona from Above

There are several choices to view Barcelona from an elevation. on top of Montjuïc hill, on top of the tower in the middle of Cristopher Colombus plaza, on top of one of the steeples of La Sagrada Familia, on the highest point of Parc Güell, on top of the former bullfighting arena in Spain plaza, on top of Tibidabo hill. Furthermore, if you reside in the Arts Hotel, it is an actually pleasurefull experience to watch Barcelona from the higher floors of it.

Torre Agbar

Torre Agbar or Agbar tower is one of the modern and renowned architectural elements of the city and the dominating color of this tower is the same with the city’s football team’s jersey ( blue and red ). However, it’s not public to explore inside the tower and to scale it.

Pablo Picasso & Juan Miro

In addition to Gaudy who is the most focal personality in this city, Pablo Picasso is among people who have a staple position in Barcelona through his perennial presence in this city.

Historical Barcelona: Gothic Quarter

Exploring Gothic quarter and it’s alleys are among important missions of visiting Barcelona. You should stroll patiently and in a good time in this quarter and luxuriate it’s quaint space of alleys, cafes, restaurants and plazas and etc.

Barcelona Cathedral

In addition to La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona cathedral with the full name, Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia, in Gothic quarter has a key position too. This cathedral is pertaining to the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries and it’s historically more important than La Sagrada Familia ( which is still under construction ).

El Corte Inglés

El Corte Inglés shopping center is a well known shopping center in Spain and a proper location for shopping fans to walk. There are two branches of it in Catalonia plaza.


Flamenco dance and Flamenco music are among major experiences of traveling to Barcelona. There are different places to watch Flamenco programs and you can purchase their tickets from ticket selling centers all over the city.


Barcelona football club is something beyond a club for this city. Since Barcelona is the capital of the separatist state of Catalonia, this football club is known as the catalonian national squad and the people of this city have extreme senses of penchant and prejudice to this team.


Sangria is a traditional Spanish alcoholic drink that has a significant position among Spanish people.


Paella is the name of a renowned Spanish dish that is served in the same pan which it’s cooked. Paella is composed of a considerable portion of rice that is cooked in a divergent cuisine from the Iranian one and is mixed with prawns or chicken or mussels or meat according to the customer’s desire and order.

Camp Nou

You can visit the Camp Nou stadium as a spectacular attraction. However, the attendance ‘s experience in this stadium during a football match would be totally contrary. The price of the ticket of a football match in this stadium starts from about sixty euros in a fairly cheap lot to seat. But this price differs according to the emotionality and the opponent.

Magic Fountain

There is a space between Spain plaza and Catalonia museum which is urban wisely vital. Since 1929 when the Barcelona expo was held, magic fountain of Montjuïc began it’s charming show in this place. Although this show was shut down for many years, performing this appealing show commenced with with the holding of 1992 summer Olympic games and this time with musical companion and this performance is still continuing. This show is executed from April to October in Fridays and Saturdays from 19:00 to 20:30 once every half an hour and between May and September from Thursdays to Sundays from 21:00 to 23:00 once every half an hour. Furthermore, this urban space is an assembly location for people to watch the games collectively during special events like the World Cup or the decisive national football matches on the big city screens.


Montjuïc hill is an arresting point to visit. From the scenic view of the Mediterranean Sea to the picturestic scenery of the city, Montjuïc cable car, Montjuïc castle, the historical cannon and the deffencive ammunition of the city , 1992 Olympic stadium ( Estadi Olympic de Montjuïc Lluís companys), the spectacular architecture museum of Pablo Espanyol, the majic fountain, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya and an elegant park or green space. In addition to two cable cars for climbing on this hill, there is a funicular ( steep path’s special train ) too.


Barcelona – along Paris and Rome – is one of the three European cities with the most masterful and professional thiefs. And the most practiced ones flaunt in Catalonia plaza or La Rambla. Their professionalism is so serious that unfortunately plenty of travellers become victims of their robberies and pick pocketings.

Barcelona Metro

Barcelona‘s metro is partly good but it’s not as extended and desirable as other metros like In Paris or London or Madrid. You have to switch your line once to reach the city center ( Catalonia plaza ) from El Part airport. You can also use aero buses from terminal 1 and terminal 2 of the airport to get to Catalonia plaza which ride once every 5 minutes, spends 35 minutes on the road and it will cost 11.80 euros for a round trip. Barcelona‘s city buses network system is highly convenient and extensive.

Modern Design Neighborhood

Eixample quarter that embraces an exceedingly large area of the city and is located between the historical and the 20th century parts of it, has got a uniform plan which is replicated in each block. It means when we look at the city’s map, we will perceive that a wide district of the city center, possesses a parallel plan and a non organic map which is designed formerly. So that when we walk in this environ, all the junctions are simply alike and it’s not easy for tourists to navigate. The designing and the erecting of this zone of the city have been practiced during the 19th and in the beginning of the 20th century.


On top of Tibidabo hill and right on the edge of it’s overlooking rise to the city, there is am amusement park (Tibidabo amusement park) that it’s games are rousing due to it’s equipment’s position. However, this amusement park is not considered as famous and modern amusement parks in Europe. There is a church (Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) beside this amusement park with an statue of Jesus which is visible from many points inside of the city. This statue is not unlike the statue of Jesus in Brazil with the difference of being overly smaller than that.

Food Time

Spanish people head tardily towards restaurants. It’s already 14 o’clock when restaurants meet their Spanish guests.

Spirit of Barcelona

The spirit of art is blown into Barcelona. You can observe the art works and especially the sculptures in nearly all the places of the city and in all of the streets and and even alleys which have contributed a unique sparkle to this city.

Barcelona Olympic

1992 Summer Olympic games have fulfilled a focal role in emerging the current position of this city and blossoming tourism in it. You can still see the triad color symbol of the Barcelona Olympic games in the middle parts of La Rambla street on a segment of the pavement’s covering. The Barcelona‘s Olympic’s torch was illuminated by a flaming arrow that an archer shot by his bow from a far distance. This torch is currently on the same original position on top of Montjuïc hill.

Barcelona Language

Barcelonian language is Catalan that is different from Spanish. These two Spanish and Catalan languages have lavish resemblenses indeed. But if you are fluent in Spanish, don’t be confident about understanding the conversations in Barcelona.

Water Park

If you are a summer tripper to Barcelona, you can pay a visit to the Barcelona‘s water park (Illa Fantasia). You will have a piquant and magnetic experience.

Barcelona Top Attractions

The visiting priority of Barcelona‘s attractions in my opinion is as follows and based on the available time of each person in Barcelona, they should consult the priority of visiting the attractions in this order:

La Rambla street and Catalonia plaza, Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, Gothic quarter and the cathedral, Casa Millà and Casa Batlló, The Beach, Poble Espanyol, Spain plaza, Montjuïc hill, shopping streets, Arc de Triomf, Tibidabo, Camp Nou.


– All of the photographs in this article are adopted from different Internet sources and by searching through Google and non of them appertain to me.

– This subject will be gradually updating.

– If you have any experiences or contentions about Barcelona that you can add to this article, please add it in the comments bar.

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