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If you are a Thailand Journeyer, you ought to become a bit more acquainted with this country and it’s people, before your trip. Familiarization with the peculiarities, customs, manners and cultural traits of this country in general before the travel, will help you experience a better quality of traveling to this pleasant land. “If You Are a Thailand Journeyer” the article, can be considered as a “Thailand travel guide” which will help you become familiar with some of the characteristics of Thailand and the Thai people.

Travel Guide to Thailand

● General Knowledge

Monetary unit : Baht
Government : Constitutional Monarchy
Yellow color : The sign of the Thailand’s royal family
Violet color : Prince’s sign
Tuesdays : The most cardinal day of the week, people dress in yellow on this day to pay respect to the king
Garuda ( eagle ): Royal family’s emblem
King’s age : The current king of Thailand is the most elderly king of the world.
King’s profession : Thailand’s king had lots of expertises and careers and is known as the versatile for that.
The grand challenge : Thailand’s major upcoming challenge is that who the Thailand’s following king is going to be.

Orchid flower : Thailand’s symbol

Major industries : The most substantial industries of Thailand contain tourism, silver, cotton, food, rubber and precious stones.
Restrictions on bringing items : Entering of the morphine medicaments, diary products, rice and seeds to Thailand is prohibited.
Narcotic drugs : Thailand is profusely intent on striking out at the narcotics and they simply execute the drug criminals.
Cigarette : It is unfettered to enter a box ( containing twenty packs of cigarette ) of cigarette.
Sim card : Sim cards are easily providable in the airport with a perfectly cheap price and high speed Internet.
Cardinal Qualities
Thailand has lots of cultural, social, historical and traditional traits. Doubtlessly, Thailand is so wealthy in culture and history that makes it impossible to enumerate it’s focal features. However, some of these tokens are so specific that reveal themselves even at the first visit. These lineaments are some of them.
● Thai Respect
In the Thai culture and when the people meet each other, they attach their palms and lift their hands and bow fractionally, while they hold them perpendicular to their body. This is a tradition of the Thai people meeting each others. The tradition’s counterpart in our culture is to wring hands. The philosophy of the approaching hands and attaching palms for the Thai people is like they gather positive energy of the universe in one place by their hands and donate it to their audience. The audience’s condition determines how much the Thai people will rise their hands.
● Dimensions of the Venerations
There are three different dimensions of the veneration in Thailand. In the first type hands are lifted up to the beneath part of the chin; in the second type hands are lifted up to the beneath part of the nose and in the third type which is the highest class of veneration, hands are lifted up to the top of the head.
Furthermore, The Thai people kneel and sit beside the high – ranking officials and talk to them afterwards toward honoring them ( this issue is in reverse in our culture and we rise for the high – ranked officials to show our respect ).
● Greeting and Parting
The word Sawadee is used in the both greeting and parting. However, the suffix of this word will be divergent regarding to the audience’s gender. If the audience is a woman, Sawadee ka, and if the audience is a man, Sawadee krap is the word which is employed.
● Hospitality
There is no doubt that the hospitality of the Asian countries including Thailand, is well-known all over the world. Like the tourists that travel to Iran who are swayed by the Iranian hospitality, also traveling to Thailand makes the journeyer to experience an engaging flavor of the hospitality.
● Massage
The Thai massage is one of the most proverbial massages around the world. Unfortunately, the same public mindsets about the sexual issues have caused the Thai massage to be identified as a sexual massage. Although, this massage is an entirely relaxing one and simply trying it will illustrate it’s excellence for the physical and spritual tranquility. The Thai massage is composed of various types and accordingly uses various materials for them.
● Diligence
Diligence can be known as the most considerable trait of the Thai people, after the hospitality. This trait is so luminous that can be illuminated by a few days of presence in this country.
● Independence
Thailand has always been independent and they have never been a colony of any countries. The Thai people are so proud of it.
● Floating Market
Floating markets are among the most unique features of Thailand. The markets, where both of the marketeers and customers are on boats floating on the water.
● Chatuchak
The Thai people have a weekly market called Chatuchak which is like the Iranian Friday market and is held in numerous booths. This market is overly catching and the bargains are rendered in it.
● Much Eating, Less Drinking
The Thai people eat myriad amounts of food. The quantity of the repasts of some of them sometimes gets to 4 or even 5 per day. However, they are not madly accustomed to the alcoholic drinks and they smoke mildly.
● Worship
Buddhism is the dominant religion in Thailand. They usually prey once a week. Ideologically, Tuesday is the most cardinal day of the Thai people’s week.
● New Year’s Celebration
The new year’s celebration in Thailand is commenced by splashing water in April. There are some intriguing similarities between the cultures of Iran ( Tirgan celebration ) and Thailand in case of water.
● Characteristics
The Thai people can be recognized as the conservatives and even timids. Besides, they don’t have remarkable instantaneous reactions. Indeed, when you explicit a subject for them, you won’t penetrate by their reaction that if they have liked it or not.
● The Country Free from Mendicants
Despite the destitution in the many parts of Thailand, there is no mendicant In the country. Both of the governmental supports and the people’s diligence have caused the absence of the mendicants in the country.
● Cables
Similar to the many of it’s neighboring countries, the streets of the cities of Thailand are brimful of the erratic cables which have given a different face to the country.
● Driving
The steering wheels are placed at the right side of the of the cars in Thailand so it’s like England in this case.
● Foot Bridges
There are some bridges in Thailand with lengthy paths that are located in a higher level than the street and in a lower level than the Sky Train’s line. These bridges are some loopholes from the traffic jam, the heat of the sun and the deluges.
● Siam
It’s the old name of Thailand.
● The Longest Name of the World
The original name of Bangkok is a verbose name and it’s registered as the longest name of a city in Guinness World Records. This is Bangkok’s full name : Krung Thep Mahankhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Yuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit.
You should just walk for a few hours in one of the cities of Thailand. You will see so many hawkers and booths and shops and restaurants in different scales that you will simply be able to realize the considerable position of food in the Thailand’s culture.
Hand made nodels, industrial nodels, soup, sea food, sea food and sea food are very popular among the Thai people. You can also find some insects to eat in some touristic streets. Altogether, The Thai foods have some traits and the following items are the most important ones.
One of the Best Cuisines of the World
The Thai people think of the Thai food as one of the ten best repasts of the world, and the rival of the Italian, French and American meals and they have nicknamed their country as “The Kitchen of the World”. Of course the acclaim of the European tourists from the Thai food and the affluence and the daily development of the Thai restaurants in different countries, are total corroborators of this title.
Cooking with Natural Ingredients
The utilization of the natural resourses as the main ingredients of the Thai meals can be considered as the noble quality of this type of food. fresh natural ingredients provoke the Thai food to be known as one of the healthy repasts of this age.
Avoiding the Three White Poisons
Sugar, salt and heroine are famed as the three white poisons in the Thai culture. In the other words they parallel the detriment of salt and sugar with a narcotic like heroine, therefore, they use them as barely as possible.
Using Sauces
If you had tried the Thai food, you would know that the sauce has a key role in this type of food. The Thai sauces – that are sweat sometimes – are made of the natural sources. The soy sauce and the honey sauce are the instances of the Thai sauces.
Dining Hours
Whereas, many of the Thai people had been farmers and workers, their dining hours have been set according to the farmer’s dining habits. Many of the Thai people have the breakfast at 7 in the morning, the launch in about 11 to 11:30 and the dinner in about 18 to 18:30 Ipso facto, you may see scores of the people dinning, in the most of the times.
Restaurants and Hawkers
There are many options for dining in Thailand. You will meet a multitudinous number of the mobile, food and the edible sellers in the many of the streets. Many of these vendors have even set some suits around their equipments and have formed small restaurants in there. Whatever these food hawkers are selling, are so multifarious that sometimes make it truly hard to select what to eat. But nodel is also a tantalizing option.
Public Transportation Vehicles
Thailand and in particular Bangkok is more crowded than you can imagine. You will rarely see a location in the world with the traffic jams worse than Bangkok. So it doesn’t appear rationally to commute by the personal car. The following vehicles can help you with the intracity trips in Thailand and specifically in Bangkok.
Utilization of the motorcycles as a vehicle sounds pretty familiar for us as Iranians. However, the usage of the motorcycle in Thailand is far beyond Iran. Motorcycle is actually one of the primary passenger transportation vehicles of Thailand and it’s almost recognized as an express single passenger taxi.
This vehicle with the slightly bigger scales than a motorcycle and indeed smaller than a car, is one of the principal transportation vehicles of Thailand and even one of the national symbols of the country.
Canal Ride
Using ferries and boats is common in Bangkok due to the existence of the river and canals and the canal ride is considered as a king pin for the public transportation in Bangkok.
There are taxis in Thailand alike all the other cities in the world. But the congestion lowers the tendency of using this vehicle in comparison with the other transportation vehicles.
Although, it’s madly oppressive to tolerate the heat inside the buses without the air conditioning system, also bus is broadly used in Thailand and specially in Bangkok. Some of the prevailing buses in the Thailand’s urban public transportation system are capable of being exhibited as historical monuments in the museums. But they are still transporting passengers.
Sky Train
Sky Train is doubtlessly one of the best transportation vehicles in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. Modern, prompt, nice coverage, sensible price and the air conditioning system inside the cars are among the features of this transportation vehicle which is widely used in the capital city of Thailand.
The Bagkok’s underground transportation network is known as Subway and it’s absolutely vogue to use it in the city. This system can be virtually identified as a continuation for the Bangkok’s Sky Train.
Muslim Tourism ( Halal Tourism )
Thailand is determined to attract the tourists from the muslim countries and has practically perused and projected to make it a reality. In spite of many countries including Iran, aboring the muslim tourist isn’t just a hollow device. They have launched comprehensive measures to substantiate this goal.
The knowledge of a non – muslim country from a muslim tourist’s demand, requires precise and acute studies. Thailand has seriously executed it and they have teased the decent cognition of muslim tourists and their demands.
Public Instruction
Public and specialized instructions are performed according to the executive cognition and study. Many of the operatives in the tourism industry’s subsidiaries have a proper understanding about the muslim’s demands and also beliefs. It is comprehensible and observative in many of the hotels and the public epicenters.
The generation of the interrelated substructures is another step towards the tranquility of muslim tourists taken by Thailand. The following items are the examples of the substructures provided for the muslim tourists by Thailand.
Praying Room and Qibla Direction
Many of the public service centers like the airports, shopping centers and hotels have a praying room. Also hotel rooms frequently have a sign to show Qibla direction ( direction of the holy city of Mecca ).
Muslims are frisked according to the islamic dignity in the airport, admittedly, women are frisked by women and in a covered place.
Halal Foods
Many of the restaurants and hotels have allocated a part of their menu for the Halal foods.
Cover (Hijab)
Some of the service providers have even surpassed and their personnel present their services in islamic Hijab.
The ministry of tourism of Thailand has made some applications that the muslim tourists can simply find the epicenters and services that they need by using them.
Many of the hotels and the public centers like the airports have set a water hose in their toilets to put muslim tourist’s mind at ease about washing themselves after moving their own bowels.
Sexual Tourism
Not only in Iran, but also in the many other countries of the world, Thailand is identified as an apposite destination for the sexual tourism. However, the Thailand’s ministry of tourism and basically Thailand is struggling to cleanse this public subjectivity and to implant it by a new representation.
The roots of this subjectivity and reputation can be found among the following issues.
Public Sentiment
Lot’s of the people countenance the credence of Thailand as a germain destination for the sexual tourism, without being traveled to Thailand. In fact, the people who have never been in Thailand, have a decisive role in shaping this mentality. If the people who have traveled to Thailand had been asked, this subjectivity would have been less approvable. There are some mentalities like the standoffish German people, the opinionated French people and etc among we Iranian’s persuasions that even the people who have never traveled to these countries are it’s transmitters.
Rumor of Prime Minister’s Appreciation
There was a rumor spread out before a while that the Thailand’s prime minister has acknowledged the prostitutes for providing the sexual services. This topic wasn’t fact full but the consequences of this rumor was out spread.
Vietnam War
During the time that the American soldiers were fighting in Vietnam, they used to travel for reposing and spending their short off days to a location that is known as Pattaya now days. Because of the distance from their families, these soldiers were partial to have sex with women and they used to pay decently for it. It provoked the women with the financial necessity and interest from all over Thailand to travel to this city and the city gradually became a suitable point to satisfy this demand.
Low Price
Sexual services can be experienced in the most of the touristic cities of the world. But the actual price of such services in Thailand and specifically in Pattaya can be identified as an argument for the Thailand’s reputation in this case.
The race of this region of Asia is somehow that a sexuality between male and female can be copiously found there. This third sex has enlarged the sexual reputation of Thailand. Many of the people who are facing this problem worldwide, consider Thailand as a proper place to travel and even inhabit.
Legal Prohibition
It may be a point of interest that all kinds of providing sexual services or selling interrelated products are considered as crimes in this country and are legally prohibited. However, observing this law ( and interdiction ) in Thailand, is precisely like adhering to the prohibition of the motorcycles passing the pavements of the streets of Iran.
Paramount Destinations
Natural beauties, hospitality, food and historical and modern attractions have converted Thailand into a charming attraction for tourists. There are remarkable attractions to visit, in nearly all of the points of the country, but the following destinations can be considered as the most important ones.
Chiang mai
Chiang rai
Soho Thai
● Gratefully to Homer Baraghani who played a decisive role in collecting some of the information and finalizing it.
● Many thanks to Shirzad Mansory for the information that he purveyed me about Thailand and the Thai people.
● I will update the facts of this page by gaining the more accurate, recent or flawless ones.
● All the pictures which have been used in this article, belong to the other websites and non of them is in my possession.
● I sketch it in one term : Thailand should be seen and discovered.


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