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کمپین Come2Iran؛ یک گام به جلو

هشتمین جشن راهنمایان گردشگری ایران از 28 بهمن تا 1 اسفند در شهر مشهد برگزار شد و چند صد نفر از راهنمایان گردشگری ایران در این گردهمایی شرکت کردند. این مراسم اما یک میهمان ویژه داشت که نایب رییس هیئت مدیره فدراسیون جهانی راهنمایان گردشگری، خانم “روبی روی” (Rubi Roy) بود.


در جریان دومین روز از برگزاری این مراسم و در شهر جدید بینالود، 106 راهنمای گردشگری از استان های مختلف کشور زیر چترهایی به رنگ پرچم ایران در کنار هم ایستادند و پیام مردم ایران را با هم بر روی زمین ترسیم کردند: Come2Iran

Come2Iran 23

پس از انتشار عکس‌های این حرکت گروهی، خانم “روی” در متنی که در صفحه “فدراسیون جهانی راهنمایان گردشگری” در یکی از شبکه های اجتماعی به اشتراک گذاشته است، توضیحاتی را نوشته که من از خواندن آن سرمست غرور شدم. این متن را به اشتراک می گذارم ، چرا که این حس غرور انگیز برای همگی ما است…

This photography was taken by a drone camera set up by the Bidding Team that created the bidding video. Iranian Tourist Guides attended
As meeting planner I was watching out for the logistics. The organising committee had an ambulance travelling with us at all times. Police closing roads and highways so that the motor coaches could move. There were catering stations along the route where water was brought to each coach, fresh boxed lunches were delivered, tea stops, coffee breaks at major sites, snacks of milk, fruits were always available
Every regions had their own colours, borrowed national customs from museums, travelled with musicians, poets, performers many of whom are also guides
I travelled on every coach, changing coaches at every stop to speaks to the guides. The coaches were divided by province and regions. Everyone had a chance to ask me questions, sit and chat with me private
Our colleagues in Iran are upbeat, positive and look so forward to seeing colleagues at the 17th WFTGA Convention in Iran. They are most of all looking forward to welcoming you on the pre and post tours in their own regions
Having worked on the conventions and bids of several countries from 1997 while on the board of the WFTGA … Every host country had their challenges.and our collleagues in Iran have their own challenges which they are facing head on
However, those attending the convention in 2017 will experience a hospitality like no other. The pre and post tours will take you to the most magnificent sites. The WFTGA Convention will also help Iran open up more to tourism. We will also be encouraging our colleagues in Iran
After seeing their bid, watching them with the organisation of their 8th National Convention, the number of official and journalists present at the convention and press conference. I am sure they will organise a very memorable convention thanks to their team work, frank and openness and their willingness to ensure the convention in 2017 is a success
Thank you for encouraging our young dynamic, enthusiastic ,peace ambassadors and most of all our guide colleagues in Iran
Ruby Roy
Vice President & Past President
Convention Co ordinator for WFTGA

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